Potty Training Tablet




  1. Introduce your child to their Potty Training Tablet by pushing the play button to play the jingle.
  2. Explain that after using the potty they can push the button themselves then open any door for their treat after using the potty.

We suggest that you keep your Potty Training Tablet in a visible and frequented area such as the kitchen.

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We believe that successful potty training involves praise, reward and interactive participation in all phases.

Our Potty Training Tablet accomplishes all three of those tenets. After using the potty, the child will push the play button starting the potty training jingle which praises and instructs them to open a door and get their reward. The reward is a small gold-foiled Madelaine Milk Chocolate coin. The child interactively participates in their own training, since they are the ones going to the potty they continue their active involvement by pushing the button, listening, and then getting their own reward, thus keeping them involved in every step. This process works towards independence and doing things on their own.

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Weight 2 oz
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