The Easiest & Best Ways to Potty Train Your Kid

It’s no secret that potty training is one of the most dreaded, most headache-inducing parts of parenting a young kid — but does it have to be? You see tons of different tips and tricks online and from fellow parents, all claiming to have a silver bullet that’s the key to an easy potty training, but which ones are true and which ones are just parenting myths?

We’ll help demystify some of those common myths about potty training, and show you some of the proven, scientific ways that you can use the best ways to potty train your own kid. Read on for our top tips for easy potty training!

Utilize the Three Pillars of the Best Ways to Potty Train

When building routines in young kids, there are three key areas, or pillars, which are proven to be key in reinforcing and promoting good, healthy habits. These three pillars speak to young minds better than words or actions alone can, and in the case of potty training, they’re a perfect fit!

They are praise, reward, and interactivity, and they’ll play a big part on your kid’s journey toward becoming a big kid. Let’s go over each of these pillars, and dive deeper into how exactly they incorporate into the best ways to potty train.


As a parent, you are your kid’s biggest cheerleader. When you’re proud of them, or are otherwise happy with something they’ve done, it shows — young kids are much better at reading facial and bodily language than many give them credit for! And chances are, your kid will react positively when you react positively to something good they’ve done.

Praise, while it might seem simple or obvious, is a powerful tool when potty training your kid. When they successfully use the potty, or take one or a few of the proper steps toward using the potty, let them know they’ve done a good job — we promise they’ll take your kind words to heart!


Words of encouragement are a great motivator for your child on their own, but you can make them even more encouraged with the promise of something tangible when they do good. Whether it’s a piece of candy, 15 more minutes of tablet time, or something else entirely, rewarding your kid when they take steps toward successfully going potty is one of the most powerful methods to building those good potty habits.

When you give your kid their reward, make it an event. Make it something your kid feels proud of, and really hammer home the fact that they’re getting this reward because they’re learning to go potty properly. When something fun and/or sweet is on the table, they’re much more likely to remember and act out those good potty habits that you, as a parent, are continuously reinforcing.


Any parent who’s seen how captivated a kid can be by a shiny, colorful screen (which is almost every parent by this point!) can attest to how powerful interactivity can be. Kids have an innate love for things happening on their command, it speaks to their developing minds in a way few other things can. This manifests during playtime, tablet time, and when interacting with others. And, when done correctly, can help them through their potty training!

Potty training can be an uncomfortable or scary time for your young kids, but by making it fun and engaging for them, they’ll start to view it more as a game or activity rather than a chore.

How Do I Combine All Three?

Combining all three of these is your ticket to a smooth, successful potty training – the best ways to potty train! The key to doing this is by making each visit to the potty a fun, lighthearted event that your child should look forward to, rather than dread. Put a smile on your face, use your most encouraging and understanding voice, and make it engaging for your kid.

That isn’t to say that you need to put on a whole, elaborate show for them, however! If you’re a parent of a child who’s making their way through the potty training process, we’ve made the perfect tool that combines praise, reward and interactivity all into one neat package for your toddler:

Introducing the Potty Training Tablet!

Girl with tablet

As parents, we designed the Potty Training Tablet to be your toddler’s best friend during potty training! Here’s how it works:

  • After your toddler successfully uses the potty, you instruct them to push the interactive triangle “play” button on the front of the tablet
  • The Tablet will play an encouraging song for your toddler, which praises them for a job well done through music, which toddlers are uniquely receptive to
  • After the song, your child may open any one of the 25 doors on the front of the tablet to reveal a Madelaine Milk Chocolate Coin — a tasty and fun reward that your child will think back on every time it’s time to go potty

The Potty Training Tablet blends all three pillars of the best ways to potty train in a way that’s designed to speed up your kid’s potty training substantially — it’s the last potty training aid you and your kid will ever need! Click here to learn more about the Potty Training Tablet and to buy now.