how did we fix that problem?

introducing the …

Girl with tablet

a revolutionary potty-training aid which incentivizes good habits through praise, reward and interactivity! with these three tools by your side, we promise your kid will be going potty like a grown-up in no time!

as parents ourselves, we combined our children’s love of tablets with positive reinforcement to create a truly unique & effective potty-training aid! read more about the new Potty Training Tablet by reading on below.

Both with coin
Coin background

here’s the concept!

by investing your child more into the potty training process through rewards, the Potty Training Tablet offers a new and innovative way to train your child to use the potty!

after introducing the Tablet to your child, have them press the “play” button after successfully using the potty…

Potty Training Tablet Image

…then have them open any compartment on the tablet’s surface, and let them claim their prize:

a Madelaine Milk Chocolate Coin!

Blurred Tablet Background

why does it work?

the Potty Training Tablet uses a research-based approach to combine the three pillars of effective habit building in kids – praise, reward & interactivity – into one fun package for your child!

here’s how the Tablet can help:

  • shorten the time it takes to train them to use the potty
  • save you time & money
  • promote independence at the right age
  • build a sense of pride in your child
  • promote more efficient good habit-building
  • make the process less scary
  • train your kid with a science-backed method
  • make potty training fun!

are you ready to solve this once & for all?